Sunday, October 16, 2011

Poly on Tour - on the brink of the journey

Putting on my travelling shoes to dance across the country and visit with YOU.
Come on out and meet Dear Polly Amorie and the loves of her life in person.

The move to new directions begins with a trip to Southern Ontario.  I have lived in British Columbia for just over 12 years now and am originally from the Toronto area.  While the inspiration to travel east after all these years comes from the invitation for one of my partner's to attend the wedding of his brother, it was an excellent opportunity for me to catch up with my family and friends and to meet some poly people. My partner, D spent much of his youth in Ontario as did my metamour, DC.  We three will be showing my other partner J the tourist sights as well as the memories of our youth as we travel.  We three are also returning older and wiser in so many ways as none of us have discovered the polyamory movement until we independently moved west.  We return to our friends and family with a greater understanding  and confidence in our relationship skills and life's goals.  That is one of the upsides of growing older generally but most definitely one of the upsides of finding solidarity in polyamory community.

We will arrive in Toronto on Tuesday October 18th and drive to Ottawa for the wedding and then return to Toronto via another route to catch a flight home on Thursday October 27th.  I will have with me copies of my latest novel, "A Matter of Perspective"  which is available on Amazon and Barns and Noble websites and has just been chosen for release as an ebook in their ebook libraries. (Tour price of $20 with $5 going to the Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association.)  I will also have copies of the Vanpoly produced DVD of the "What is Polyamory?" forum held last April and featuring Janet Hardy (co-author, The Ethical Slut), Terisa Greenan (Family, the webseries), Kiki Christie (Victoria Poly 101) and John Ince (author and lawyer for the Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association.  I was happy to moderate the discussion and learned some disturbing things about how I look on camera but the video is an excellent view and terrific resource for poly groups.  (DVD is $15 with proceeds going to the Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association.)  I also have some pins that read "Triad -ing love" with an illustration of a traid which are $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00 with proceeds to the CPAA as well.

As we travel we are arranging to meet with poly people along the way.  If you are in the area and want to connect with us feel free to email  or attend one of these. 

Ottawa - Thursday October 20 - 7 pm   - Don Cherry's restaurant
Kingston -  Sunday October 23 - 11 am brunch - Cora's Breakfast and Lunch, Clock Tower Plaza,

Toronto -  Wednesday October 26 - 6pm - The Bishop and the Belcher Pub

We look forward to meeting you and hearing your story.  We will bring news of the growing BC poly community and global advocacy efforts.  If you aren't in the area or are unable to attend, please feel free to read my blog postings on our trip and share via comments.

We will also be meeting with family and friends some of whom are aware of our triad household and others who are not.  It will be interesting to experience their reactions and it will also be interesting to meet with several of them who have themselves discovered polyamory and adjust our perceptions of each other as we reconnect.  I'll keep you posted and I'm hoping to share photos and news of poly groups I encounter along the way.   We all need to know that there are others all over the world who share our philosophy and are just trying to be happy in their own ways.

....and now back to packing for the trip. 


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