Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Poly on Tour - and back again

Day 7 -  After an excellent home cooked breakfast , we departed with a teary DC and a quick tourist shop pit stop where we fondled coyote and skunk pelts and marvelled at native art and jewelry. I think my credit card began to melt there.   We snagged some Ontario cheese curds for D there and he was quiet for awhile except for the odd "mmmmmmmmm...."
D  and DC gave us the history of them tour of Belleville.  J was able to visit the Hawkins Cheezie factory which was much like visiting a cathedral for him.  They are a bit secretive but he was allowed into the office, told the history of the company and gifted with some product and a baseball cap with their logo.  He was very pleased.

We dropped by the last place of employment for D and DC and had lunch with one of their co-workers.  It was a nice visit and a very good reconnection for them. Other staff members were in the building and expressed delight at seeing them again. 

Driving through Trenton we saw the signs for the Highway of Heroes which is what the stretch of Hwy 401 between Trenton and Toronto has been renamed in honour of our fallen soldiers.  This is the route that the hearses follow when the remains of soldiers killed in service are brought home from foreign countries.  The overpasses and sides of the highway are lined by people with flags and signs who are there to welcome our heroes home.   Very touching to see the signs along the way noting that.

At Coburg we stopped at The Big Apple which was opened by the same man who designed the famous Peter Puck. There is a huge building shaped like an apple, a go-cart track, little train system and a petting zoo for the kids to enjoy.  Their famous apple pie is made there and you can see the process in the factory from a glassed in visitors area.  I got lost in the gift shop and spent too much money but it was very cool too. 

Then onward to Toronto sailing across the top of the city via Hwy 401.  Sailing being not quite accurate as it was more of a log jam but we got there and are currently ensconced in our same hotel.   I hit the hot tub first thing and enjoyed the evening of not moving, not being in a car.

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