Monday, March 28, 2011

CBC is granted access to BC Supreme Court Sessions

Webcast viewing of live sessions for closing arguments in the final sessions of the BC Supreme Court reference case on section 293 of the Criminal Code of Canada or the Polygamy Law.  This is a first in British Columbia and can be found  here:  and also here

I will continue with my summary of sessions and testimony until I have it all and then highlight the positions of the parties and interested parties per their closing arguments.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Court case on the Polygamy Law winds to a close

This week, closing arguments were submitted by the Attorney General of British Columbia and the Attorney General of Canada and the other interested parties in the very historic reference case which has been before the Chief Justice Bauman and the Supreme Court of British Columbia since November 22, 2010.  The closing arguments will be presented in court beginning March 28th and expected to run for 10 court days thereafter.  The decision of Chief Justice Bauman will follow at a date of his discretion.

All documents filed are up for public review  here:

The CBC will be webcasting the court sessions but I've no further details on that at the moment.  I will link to it when I do. 

I have several days of transcripts to summarize here in my blog and I hope to have that all done and up for your review prior to the closing sessions of this case.  Much of what is left is the anecdotal evidence - the testimony of former and current members of various FLDS groups.

 What wasn't presented in court but filed only in written affidavit form are the five polyamourous families which the Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association submitted.  The story of polyamory in Canada is in those affidavits and the 1500 pages of  literature that researches our multi-partner relationship configurations and philosophy which were also filed by the CPAA.  The closing statement of the CPAA and of the Amicus both bring those before the court and as they are orally presented shortly - we WILL have our story before the court and quoted in the media.

This law is not just about people living in Bountiful, British Columbia as the media and the Attorneys General would have us all believe.  This law impacts many many people who have loving healthy families and live right next door to us.  This law would break up families who are doing no wrong and just dare to love and build solid healthy empowering relationships in a different manner than perhaps you do.  This law impacts our rights and paints us with a wide brush that is both terribly unfair and terribly inaccurate.

I ask , Dear Reader, that you keep these issues in your thoughts, hearts and prayers to whatever your concept of the divine or universal and...
  • Be aware of what is a stake in this law that has never been effectively enforced but is touted as the only answer to a huge community problem in one small Canadian locality. 

  • Be willing to speak out to your neighbours, friends, MP's MLA's and the media in all possible formats.   Write that letter.  Make that online comment.  Be informed and share that knowledge.

  • Make your voice heard for those across Canada who have a right to live in a loving happy home in peace and without discrimination.  

  • Speak out for the enforcement of laws already on the books to deal with trafficking of children, child brides, child abuse, spousal abuse, welfare fraud and all the harms associated with men/women who are very good at oppressing other family members for whatever stated purpose or ultimate intent - whether those men/women live in monogamous or multi-partnered households.  

  • Speak out for social intervention in the form of culture specific programs to assist the victims of these situations and not for a law that criminalizes them too. 

Yes, there are men, women and children who live in unacceptable situations that need help. Let's throw off the fear and secrecy that criminalization imposes.  Let's work together to find a way to encourage them to seek help and respond with open non-judgmental arms when they do.  Section 293 of the Criminal Code of Canada - the Polygamy Law is NOT that way.