Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Poly on Tour - In search of poly and parrots

Day 6 - We dropped in at the after wedding brunch and said our goodbyes.  Then we sped to Kingston to meet with an online friend and her poly group.  We were delayed by traffic and family goodbyes but arrived in time to have a good visit with the Kingston group.  Very nice people and lots of good mover and shaker energy there.  Starting a group can be a bit discouraging until you get some momentum but I think this bunch is up for it.

 I left them with "Triad-ing Poly" pins and copies of the Vanpoly DVD of the What is Polyamory? Forum which was presented in Vancouver in April 2011.  We parted company with promises to keep in touch.  Hugs to N, I, R, L, H and A.   Be proud - you folks are awesome!

We drove around Kingston for a bit, DC was our tour guide and we took pictures.  J is fascinated by the size of Lake Ontario and has put his hand in the water several times now to say he did.  He wants to collect some sand to take home before we leave.  Then we drove back to Belleville and dropped DC at her Dad and Step-mom's home for a visit with some other family.

D, J and I went on to the National Airforce Museum at CFB Trenton.  I'd hoped to connect with a Victoria ex-pat who lives on base now but missed her.  We toured the museum and I took pictures of everything especially for my one son who is a military history buff.  The guys enjoyed their tour and this was D's turn to be chief tour guide.

We  returned to DC's family's home and were treated to an amazing home cooked meal, pleasant company, laundry facilities and a good night's sleep.  DC's Dad has two male parrots as pets.  J and I slept in the livingroom with the parrots saying "Good Night!" rather harshly if one of us snored too loudly.  Rather comforting to share space with them when my house at home has parrot figures of every description gifted to me over the years as a poly organizer.

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