Friday, April 30, 2010

Dear Reader

I've chosen the name Polly Amorie to write this blog for several reasons:
1.  I have been openly discussing the philosophy of polyamory for years and advocating for understanding and acceptance of it has become an unpaid career and intense focus of my life that I am often referred to as the Poly Lady or the Parrot Woman.  I am Polyamory.
2.  Although I'm of above average intelligence as far as book learning intelligence goes, I've always been a bit of a "polly-anna" in the real world, lacking street smarts and relationship finesse.  I've learned the hard way and am still learning the hard way every day.  And most often the lessons are around giving too much and in too many directions and not minding my own needs.   I am Polyamory.
3.  It is my nature to love intensely, unconditionally and inclusively.  I love people in general.  I rejoice and and cry out in compassion for all that is the diversity of the human condition.  I am Polyamory.

I am also nuturing.  I live to guide, coax, encourage, suggest and empower people to follow their dreams and rise to explore their potential.   I am mailing list Mommy and the friend that listens, supports and researches to provide solid help when you need it.

This blog is meant to be Ann Landers for the poly newbies and a source of shared support for those who seek to travel this very complicated path called Polyamory.  For those who aim for a place of loving connectedness that is truly DAMN hard work but so very worth every lesson and every moment.

I am a Canadian woman born in Ontario and currently living in Victoria, BC.  I have likley been polyamorously inclined my whole life but practiced monogamy with varying success until I was about 40.  When I discovered polyamory, I felt a strong resonance with the philosophy and set about learning all I could making huge mistakes and practicing to practice it.  There are no perfect relationship configurations and no experts on how to live this lifestyle.  We all learn and find our way through.  Currently I live with two wonderful men and my youngest two teenage children.  I have a long term and long distance relationship.
I facilitate a local discussion and social group, host a big camping weekend every year and am involved in a front line advocacy effort.   I will begin this blog by posting questions that I've been asked over the years but feel free to email me with your questions if you don't see them and , of course, comment along the way.