Saturday, May 1, 2010

Polyamory - to love abundantly

Q:  Polyamory? Isn't that just cheating?  Sleeping with whatever guy comes along? What does your hubby say?

A:  Might as well cut to the chase from the get go.  Polyamory means "many loves".  It is when you have two or more loving and likely sexual relationships going at the same time with the knowledge and consent of all of the people involved.  That means that the guys know about each other and if they have wives, girlfriends, lovers etc that those people know about you and everyone is okay with all this going on.  I say "okay with" as people may consent first and approve later as they get to know the other lovers.  It isn't cheating because you have discussed it with your partners and any intimacy restrictions (ie - kissing only no intercourse just yet) as well as safe sex agreements (condoms, full barrier, no sex at all) are in place.  It also isn't sleeping with whatever guy comes along or girl for that matter.  It simply means that if you meet someone that interests you there are options to find out how interesting they really are without violating trust or marriage vows.  It means that the natural inclination of some humans to explore relationship building is not limited to one at a time.  Love is a wonderful thing when unfettered and able to empower, enlighten and inspire.

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