Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Flower Power? Like groovy, man.

Q:  All that sharing love hippie stuff sounds like you belong in a commune smoking weed and naked with flowers in your hair.

A:  Well, I like the naked and flowers in my hair part.  There are many polyamorous "Intentional Communities" these days but that's only one configuration under the polyamory umbrella.  The most common form of polyamory is a couple usually legally married who take a third person into their relationship and sometimes home as well.  The next most common is for a couple to date another couple and either share a home or live fairly close to each other with regular activities both of a dating & sexual nature and as one big family unit with their children.  There are also networks of friends where people date several people within a group of friends and couples who each date separately.  The lovers may or may not know each other.  Most often at least some of the lovers do not live together and quite frequently some of the lovers are long distance  - living not only in another country but on another contient.  The variations also depend on whether the parties identify as heterosexual, bi-sexual, gay, or lesbian.  Poly households are found in rural settings, urban settings and in every form of housing imaginable.  We are from every level of society, education background and employment scenario imaginable.   We are free thinkers and rebellious enough to dare to be happy.

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