Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Poly on Tour - Victoria to Toronto

Dear Polly Amorie is on the road this week.  First leg of the trip was a very comfortable and uneventful flight with Westjet.  The staff was friendly and the flight was smooth.  I had an aisle seat and entertained myself with my latest Diana Gabaldon novel, The Fiery Cross.  DC had her ereader and my partners divided their time between observations of passengers and stewardesses and the tv movie screens on the back of the seats in front of them.  I was across the aisle from the three of them and had only one seat mate.  She was a lovely woman about the same age as myself who was returning to Halifax from having spent several weeks visiting her daughter's family and a new grandbaby.  The four hour ish flight sped by quickly and the only moment of concern was that the sight of the seatbelts sign which indicated a need to be seated and not move around the plane instantly made me need to use the washroom.

Disembarking at Toronto's Pearson Airport was uneventful much less so than getting off the ferry at Tsswwassen terminal in Vancouver.  There is the same long long walk to find one's luggage.  Many of the airport area hotels, ours included, have a free shuttle bus that you call for a pick up.  We are in one of the many Comfort Inn chain of hotels in the area.  I favour that chain which includes Quality Inns and Econo Lodges too.  I've found the staff to be consistently pleasant and the accomodations much nicer than would be expected for a fairly inexpensive cost.  We had a terrific dinner in the hotel restaurant and then hit the pool and hot tub.  Well rested if a bit jet lagged SOME of us were up and bouncing around like a chihuahua in heat at FIVE A.M. 

Tim Hortons coffee consumed we are just gathering ourselves to head out for some touristy stuff.  This being my home turf, I'll be showing the tribe the birth place and child hood haunts of Dear Polly Amorie as well as the more traditional tourist traps in the area.  Later we will have dinner with my brother and his family and make some phone calls to confirm meetings this week. 

Stay tuned. 

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