Saturday, October 23, 2010

Poly Living 2010

To schmooze or not to schmooze
If there's one thing poly people know how to do, its network and we do it very well.  One should always find community whenever it is possible.  Poly Living 2010 is a conference weekend for poly people from around the world to attend.  This year it is being held in Seattle or Renton, WA more accurately.

The conference began last night with a key note address by Dossie Easton (co-author of "The Ethical Slut") and she gave a wonderful spirited talk about her life and epiphanies.  Very open, honest and revealing monologue peppered with very funny anecdotes. Dossie said that she sees us moving to a time of pluralism in relationships and that we've come a long way in our  culture since the discovery of the 1960's and 70's.  The world has opened up to understanding of diversity in relationship forms.  We've handed down a tradition of consentuality to our kids. They come to see their parents's other partners as a resource for themselves.  Kids are meant to grow up in a village.  Babies are designed to recognize a large number of people as family. She says that we need to get away from dualism where there is either the gold standard or the very bad and celebrate the whole broad spectrum of choices in all aspects of life including relationships.  We need an egalitarian approach rather than a ranking system.  We don't need to be the best, biggest or most impressive we need to just be ourselves.  She asked the audience to ponder the question:  "If you were totally free what kind of life would you have?"  In questions following her talk, Dossie (who throws amazing pajama parties) for tips on throwing a great pajama party.  She said very thin pajamas with night gowns preferred; a fold out futon or sofa bed in the area; blankets, pillows and effortless munchies handy.  Most importantly one had to be willing to be foolish or appear foolish and try something new or different.  She said that this philosophy had really gotten her far in life.  Dossie is a very delightful speaker.

Following this session was a wonderful evening with Ben Silver opening for the Bone Poets Orchestra.  Ben has a lovely voice and sings folk, R&B, funk, and jazz with lyrics that address freedom, the environment, LBGT issues, parently and poly love.   Very funny at times and always toe tapping.  BPO (formerly Gaia Consort) plays psychedelic steampunk.  Also very funny and shake your booty tunes.

Tomorrow's sessions should be good.

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